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Following a life-altering cancer diagnosis in my thirties, I started paying closer attention to what I put into my body each day. In my former life as a busy corporate exec and coffee addict, one thing I couldn’t kick was my love for coffee. I had a sweet tooth when it came to my cup of joe and liked experimenting with different flavors. But I couldn’t stand the empty calories in sugary, creamy coffee shop drinks or the artificial junk in store-bought concoctions. 

When I checked out the ready-to-drink coffee cans on store shelves, I was seriously disappointed. Most of them were basically creamer with a hint of coffee flavor, or worse, burnt coffee that lacked any of the natural, complex flavors you get from specialty beans.

So, I set myself a personal challenge: create a “zero-calorie” coffee that’s as indulgent as a treat without all the bad stuff. Cold brew coffee caught my eye because of its natural sweetness, smoothness, and lower acidity. It took me years of learning and fine-tuning, but I finally figured out how to make it just right. In early 2023, I was ready to share my creation with the world. 

“It’s so good that I can just drink it straight!”. This was the most common comment I got from people who had tried my coffee. That’s when I knew I had to put my cold brew in a can so more folks could enjoy it. It’s a game-changer for your daily coffee routine.

 Yami, Head Brewer, Founder & CEO



We named our company Three Legged Brewing after our own three legged dog Mogwai, who had a front leg amputated due to cancer in 2022. We were so inspired by her resiliency and wanted to name the company after her to remind us of our goal to spread health and happiness to the world while supporting efforts to improve animals’ lives.

A few fun facts about Mogwai: She is our oldest rescue dog in the pack (almost 15!). She is an American Eskimo mix. Despite missing a leg, she still can swim across the lake. Her favorite activity is dog park runs (yes, she still runs 5K’s on 3 legs). Her favorite beverage is home-brewed “dog beer” (bone broth). She used to be a therapy dog. And she has a loyal following by “working” at the local farmers markets & community events.


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