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The origin of our company name, 3legged, is a heartfelt tribute to our beloved canine companion, Mogwai, who bravely overcame the loss of a front leg to cancer in 2022. Her unwavering resilience left an indelible mark on our hearts and serves as a constant reminder that perseverance is key to building our company’s success. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond business, as we are dedicated to supporting animal advocacy initiatives through donations and giving back, embodying the spirit of compassion and resilience that Mogwai embodied.

Yes, they do. The primary motivation behind crafting our product as a refrigerated offering lies in our unwavering commitment to showcasing the distinctive flavors of our specialty beans. Unlike the common approach employed by the majority of coffee manufacturers, which essentially subjects the cans to high-pressure cooking, resulting in flavor deterioration, we firmly believe that exceptional coffee should deliver exquisite taste, regardless of the additional distribution costs it may incur. 

Every cold brew can is generously infused with 180mg of caffeine, providing the caffeine kick equivalent to 2.5 shots of espresso.

When stored in a refrigerator, our cans maintain their quality for a minimum of 6 months. The absence of oxygen within the coffee, coupled with our employment of nitrogen dosing during canning, acts as a natural preservative, ensuring the preservation of the coffee’s impeccable flavor freshness.

We proudly collaborate with a multitude of small-batch artisan roasters (mostly local), meticulously curating our selection of beans through a series of rigorous research and development processes. Our dedication leads us to choose only the most exceptional beans for our cold brew. These beans are consistently of the highest quality, freshly roasted to perfection, and predominantly sourced from single-origin farms that adhere to organic farming practices (not all are certified organic). This commitment ensures that our cold brew embodies the true essence of specialty coffee excellence. 

Absolutely!  Our cold brew is indeed diabetic-friendly. It is free of sugar and poses no risk of causing sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.

Absolutely! Our cold brews are completely dairy free!

Natural flavors are substances derived from sources found in nature, such as fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and other plants. The key
characteristic of natural flavors is that they are obtained from these natural sources, and their purpose is to mimic the taste of the source material or create specific flavor profiles. The process of obtaining natural flavors typically involves extraction, distillation, or other methods to isolate the desired flavor compounds from the natural source. Importantly, natural flavors are obtained without the use of synthetic chemicals or artificial additives. 

It’s important to note that when you see “natural flavors” listed on a product’s ingredient label, the specific components of these natural flavors are not always disclosed, as they are considered proprietary information by the manufacturers. However, they are generally recognized as safe for consumption by regulatory agencies, such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We incorporate a zero-calorie natural sweetener composed of three components, each derived from distinct natural sources: 

1. Thaumatin: This natural sweetness modulator is extracted from the katemfe fruit native to West Africa (pictured on the left). It has a clean, natural sweet taste with no bitter taste finish that’s been described as “honey-like”.

2. Soluble Tapioca Fiber: Derived from cassava plant’s roots (pictured in the middle), is a natural source of dietary fiber. Although not a sweetener, it provides some sweetness and mouthfeel to the beverage. It also promotes digestive gut health and has a minimal impact on blood sugar levels.

3. Reb M: (pictured on the right) is a highly purified form of the stevia leaf. It has a natural sweetness without the aftertaste that a lot of people get from stevia. 

It’s important to note that these components are recognized as natural flavors in accordance with the regulations set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (USFDA). 


Cream or sugar, while often customary, is entirely optional when it comes to our cold brew, as its inherent smoothness ensures an absence of bitterness. Our flavored coffee is delicately sweetened and imbued with all-natural, zero-calorie ingredients, creating a taste sensation that stands alone as a remarkable ready-to-drink coffee. However, there’s no fixed formula for enjoying your coffee; personal preference reigns supreme. The subtle sweetness in our flavored coffee guarantees that the distinctive flavors of our specialty beans remain at the forefront of the experience. If we have to give a subjective reference, the sweetness level is roughly at 15-25% of typical flavored drinks sold at coffee shops.

With pride, we brew and can our cold brews right within our brewery, nestled in the heart of Lake County, IL. Our commitment to integrated manufacturing enables us to uphold the highest standards of product quality and consistency.

We are actively working towards the grand opening of our 3legged Coffee Brewery – taproom & cafe in March 2024. We will announce to the public the location and timeline once the last details are finalized!

For now, you can find our products at a few farmers markets as well as a number of retail stores by using the Store Locator.

Refridgerated cans are heavy and incur higher shipping costs due to required faster delivery and extra cold packaging materials. While we love to provide free shipping to everyone, the cost is prohibitive for a small business. 

However, we do provide free shipping for subscribers and free delivery/pickup if you are local. 

Our online store doesn’t support international shipping at this time. However, we are happy to provide an estimate of international shipping cost / create a manual order if you send us a note from the Contact Page

Yes, we do! We offer custom beverage service packages. Please send us a message from the contact page and tell us about your event: date/time, # of guests, venue, beverage options you are looking for, budget etc. We will get back to you soon.

Yes, we do! If you are a retailer, you can order through our wholesale shop on Faire or Pod Foods. If you are local, you can contact us to arrange order pickup or delivery.

Yes, we do! If you are a retailer, you can order through our wholesale shop on Faire or Pod Foods. If you are local, you can contact us to arrange order pickup or delivery.

Thank you so much for the compliment! In fact, our own COO/brew engineer built himself! You should come and check out other mobile dispensing devices he came up with.

Absolutely! We give away used coffee ground to local farms, agricultural, landscaping businesses as well as individuals who like to recycle and use them as fertilizer, compost, or even to grow mushrooms. If you would like to join the program or you know any organization that could benefit from this program, please fill out the contact form. It’s completely free. We will notify you when the next batch is ready to be collected. 

Please message us from the contact page

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