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Nitro Cold Brew(8)

nitrogen infused cold brew cans & kegs

Coffee Beans & Grounds(5)

Coffee whole beans or ground and cold brew packs

Merch & Gift Card(32)

Uniquely designed and specially made cool stuff by 3LB designers. Only available in our online store. All merch ships free! Gift card can be customized with any value!

Great choice if:

  • You want to shop other locally grown produce and locally made foods & beverages at the same time.
  • You just want to buy a can or two to try it out but doesn’t meet the minimum order amount required for 3LB local delivery.
  • You live within the Market Wagon delivery zones but outside of 3LB delivery zones.

Market Wagon transforms the farm-to-table concept into a farm-to-front-door reality. Its mission is to enable food producers to thrive in their local markets by operating as an online farmers market. Market Wagon partners with more than 2,500 local farmers and artisans to take their produce and products the very last mile to the doorstep of 45,000+ local customers.

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