"I am a nurse and I normally work long 12-hour shift. This coffee was so good, but the energy I got from it was even better than the flavor! I am ordering more for my next party!”

Knicole Johnson (RN)
Williamsville, NY

“This is a really nice clean cold brew. I love the crispness it’s got upfront. It has a really nice balance, not up in your face. It’s an easy sipper that I personally would never add anything to it.”

Gregory Schrodt (Coffee Roaster)
Belton, MO

“I was not expecting to like a sugar and dairy free coffee but found the flavors to be so good! It’s not too sweet and very well balanced. I am impressed!”

Jem Harper (Actress)
Hollywood, CA

“I do not usually drink flavored coffee. I really enjoyed this caramel nitro as the caramel flavor was not overwhelming or overly sweet.  I would drink this again for sure.”

Bryce Cook (Engineer)
Clearwater, FL

“As a mom of 3 kids, trust me, I need caffeine. And this is sugar free, calorie free, dairy free, so I can get all the caffeine I need, the coffee taste I love, without all the extra attached to it. And I can stay in the mom duty so much longer without the grumpiness!”

Danielle Atkins (Forester)
Brunswick, Georgia

“I love having an option that is coffee forward. The flavor was perfectly balanced, not overpowering at all. I also love having a lactose free and sugar free flavored coffee option. I highly recommend it!”

Marc Bretveld (Manufacturing)
Largo, FL

“It’s so nice and refreshing. It’s so good even without the sugar or creamer. It’s just perfect the way it is!”

Freeda Johnson (Pilot)
New York, NY

“Love the packaging - very cool labels! I tried the Black first - MAN, was that good!!!  Can't wait to try them all! These are Sugar Free, Dairy Free and No Artificial Ingredients! I definitely taste the difference!”

Sam Furman (Entrepreneur)
Rockford, IL

“The vanilla cold brew literally tastes like its label - a bunny skiing on the slope. It’s so delightful! You get a really nice coffee upfront and a creamy flavored finish at the end. We will forever restock these in our fridge!”

Braiana Schrodt (Coffee Shop Owner)
Belton, MO

“This is some of the best coffee I’ve tasted! I even broke my coffee fast for it! Normally, black coffee doesn’t taste good, but this is so delicious! I can just drink from the can!” 

Deanna Kelly (Finance)
Cranston RI

“Being able to just wake up in the morning and grab this and get the energy I need for the day has been amazing! Plus the taste is so good. I am happy to add this coffee to my life!”

Joshua Richards (Tech Marketing)
Taylors, SC

“My husband and I are coffee snobs and we love their coffee! My favorite is the Caramel and my husband’s is the Black Unsweetened, but the other flavors are also very good. Trust me, you have to order yours!”

Yvonne Cano (Stylist)
Holly Springs, NC

“This coffee is delicious!! The quality of the product is unmatched.”

Julian Quarles (Florist)
Portland, OR

Our Mission is to Craft Coffees
That Taste Like a Treat Without
The Extra Stuff

Everything we make is about enjoyment without compromise. When we couldn't find a canned coffee product made the old fashioned way, no additives and slow brewed, we decided to make our own. We hope you enjoy it!

By switching to our cold brew daily, you are saving 73,000 calories* per year - that’s approximately ~21 lbs* of body fat! *Competitor brand nitro cold brew can on average contains 200 calories and there are 3,500 calories in 1 lb of body fat.





Why choose
3Legged cold brew

Small Batch Artisan Coffee

We're proud to work with the little guys doing it right

High Caffeine

180mg of caffeine per can, equivalent to 2.5 espresso shots

Clean Ingredients

No additives, sugar-free, dairy-free, 0-calories, and gluten-free


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