Employee Feature: Jen

Employee Feature: Jen

1. What do you like most about working in a coffee shop?

I love working in a coffee shop because I love to meet people and to be a part of its atmosphere. I'm really quite social and a coffee shop is a great environment for me to just be myself.

2. What is your favorite coffee from 3Legged?

It was Chocolate Mocha Cold Brew for the longest time but now it's Campfire Nitro Cold Brew with a splash of cream. It's smooth and sweet, very drinkable over ice when it gets hot out.

3. What are your hobbies/interests?

As far as my hobbies go, I love all things nerdy, from anime and video games to board games and d&d I love it all!

4. Fun facts about you? 

My family donates/volunteers to "orphans of the storm" One of the greatest dog and cat shelters in the northwest suburbs. Where we met and fell in love with our adorable Frenchie, Gizmo.

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